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Welsh government makes it mandatory for pubs and restaurants to collect customer details

Article Date: 2020-08-14

First minister Mark Drakeford has warned pubs and other hospitality businesses in Wales if they fail to take contact details of customers they face being closed under new rules.

Amendments to the regulations will come into force next week to make it obligatory for hospitality businesses and other high-risk settings to collect contact details of customers.

Drakeford said: “Collecting this information is essential for Wales’ test trace protect strategy for testing the general public and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Placing this in the regulations will make it clear to managers of premises and to customers that collecting information of this sort is a requirement, not an option.

There are indications from other parts of the UK where pubs opened earlier than Wales that outbreaks have been linked to those places.

If we are to avoid introducing local lock-down measures that could require the whole sector to close, it is vital we can quickly respond to any outbreaks.

Providing our contact details when attending these premises will mean people can be contacted quickly by our Test Trace Protect teams if they may have been exposed to coronavirus.

Only by us all doing our part and taking personal responsibility for our actions can we continue to tackle the scourge of coronavirus.

While many businesses are being careful to collect contact details, there are too many reports of this not happening. As a result, we will be bringing in new regulations next week to make this compulsory.”

Welsh law requires measures to be taken to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus on these premises.

This includes ensuring people maintain a two-metre distance where possible and taking other measures to avoid close interaction such as screens and improving hygiene.

Information also has to be provided to customers and staff to help them understand what they need to do in order to stay safe on the premises.

The Welsh government recently strengthened the powers local authorities have to enforce the regulations.

This enables enforcement officers to issue a Premises Improvement Notice (PIN) to highlight breaches and specify measures that need be taken on premises to comply with the law.

Where a PIN is not complied with, or if there is a serious breach, premises can be closed. Where notices are issued signs will be displayed in a prominent place to inform people.

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