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Welcome S&B Herba Foods Limited, the latest NFFF Associate Member

Article Date: 2015-07-13

The National Federation of Fish Friers are pleased to announce ‘S&B Herba Foods Limited’ as the latest organisation to become an Associate Member with National Federation of Fish Friers.

Our associate members play an essential role in providing products and services to the fish frying industry and in supporting the work of the NFFF in working towards the goal of maintaining fish and chips as the UK’s Number 1 takeaway meal.

Established in 1919, S&B Herba Foods Limited have a long heritage of expertise in servicing the food industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland. S&B Herba Foods Limited are highly experienced in all aspects of sales, marketing and distribution of brands, private label and food ingredients. Their portfolio includes rice, rice flour, couscous and semolina, dried fruit, IQF rice and IQF pasta and peas and pulses.

S&B Herba Foods Limited supply all leading multiple retailers, wholesalers, independents, food manufacturers and the ethnic wholesale and foodservice sectors. Products are sourced from all over the world to meet the customers’ needs and are covered by S&B Herba Foods Limited quality assurance guarantee. Their commercial offices are based in Orpington and they have two rice production facilities in Cambridge and Liverpool.

S&B Herba Foods have a long history of supplying the Fish and Chip sector with Ground Rice, Rice Cones and dried Marrowfat Peas.

Ground Rice and Rice Cones are made by milling rice into coarse flour. Rice Cones are widely used by friers to dust fish before applying batter. A light application of Rice Cones onto wet fish helps absorb excess moisture. The rice cones create a bond for improved batter adhesion and prevent the batter from spitting during frying.

The National Federation of Fish Friers is looking forward to working with ‘S&B Herba Food Limited’ into the foreseeable future for the benefit of our members.


If you^re business is interested in becoming an associate member to the National Federation of Fish Friers and learning of the ways it could benefit you please contact Robert at call on 0113 230 7044.

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