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Welcome Commerical Plus

Article Date: 2016-06-09

We recently welcomed Barry Frost, Managing Director of new NFFF Associate Member, Commercial Plus, to NFFF HQ to discuss how NFFF members can benefit from working in partnership with them.

Commercial Plus is a commercial property and finance consultancy that offers help and advice on anything to do with business premises. They also offer independent advice on all types of commercial finance for things such as shop development or business expansion. We thought the best way to tell about what they do was to ask Barry to answer a few questions, so that^s exactly what we did.


Q. What commercial property issues will you be able to assist NFFF members with?

A. We are able to advise on literally anything to do with members shops. The main issues that people face tends to be things like rent reviews and lease renewals.

Q. How does your property service work?

A. We are very much advice driven and all of NFFF members that contact us will receive free advice initially to discuss the issue they are facing without having a commitment to paying any fees. If advice and knowledge is all they require, then that is what we will give them. If they decide to engage our services, there is a sliding scale of charges depending upon what we are required to do. We also operate nationwide.

Q. Are your fees expensive?

A. We believe they are very reasonable. We only deal with small businesses and we are always aware that budgets can be tight so I believe we offer great value for money. Also, in dealing with property issues, we always try to educate our customers so if a similar issue arises in the future, they will have the confidence and knowledge to deal with it themselves.

Q. What do you think your property advice service will do for members?

A. At the moment, commercial property is not an area covered by any other of your other associate members and as members premises are essential to be able to trade, I believe our services will provide a unique and well used service. I have over 35 years experience in the commercial property and finance industries so I feel I have a lot of knowledge and experience I want to share.

Q. How else will you be able to help members?

A. As I said earlier, our aim is to help educate our customers and we will be contributing articles for the NFFF review and web site that will be case studies of the issues we have advised members on. We hope that when members read these, they may see a situation they are having and gain some knowledge and confidence as to how to deal with it themselves. We are also happy to attend any trade shows and meetings where members may require help and advice. 

Q. Tell us more about the finance side of what you do

A. Commercial Plus is an FCA regulated commercial finance brokerage so are able to offer fully independent advice on raising finance for customers based upon their own situation. A lot of what we do is based around finding the best and cheapest route to funding a project not the one that makes us any money. For example, if the cheapest way of funding a project is for a member to go to their own bank, that is exactly what we will advise them to do.

Q. Do you have access to all types of funding including high street lenders?

A. We can offer any type of commercial finance and yes we have access to all of the lenders members will know as well as a few they may not have heard of. Our service is all about matching the right finance facility with the right business based upon its individual circumstances.

Q Finally Barry how do your property and finance services interact?

A. Very often, shop development will involve a commercial property issue like planning or gaining permission from the landlord of a commercial property. It makes sense for us to offer assistance for both funding a project as well as any commercial property issues that arise at the same time. We are unique I believe in that we are the only company in the country that can offer both complimentary services to your members.


Commercial Plus Ltd

Contact: Barry Frost

Tel: 01244 659101



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