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Websites and fish and chips... a marriage made in heaven?

Article Date: 2012-11-06

Maria Louca of Eat Marketing explains the importance of developing an online presence to compete in today^s market.   Having been born and raised in the fish and chip trade, it^s fair to say a clash of cultures happened when my husband, who worked in the web industry came into my world. A world where fish and chip shops were able to rely on word of mouth, having a phone number listed in the local phone book and possibly a few posters or leaflets now and again for their marketing. "What on earth does my chippy need a website for?” was a pretty standard response to what my husband did.

Fast forward to 14 years later and what a different world we are now living and running businesses in. The huge leaps and advances in communication and technology are mind-blowing and all of a sudden the internet doesn^t seem so alien to a changing and rapidly developing fish and chip industry. The internet explosion, mobile phone culture and the revolutionary iPad are now part of our daily lives but more importantly our customers^ lives. This means the world of websites and strategic marketing is now as relevant to the fish and chip trade as.....salt and vinegar is, to our favourite dish.

The facts speak for themselves.

FACT: 84% of the UK population have used the internet
(ONS Aug 2012)


For every 10 customers you have, 8 of them use the internet. A well designed website is a new line of communication with your existing customers but more importantly, think of all those potential customers in your local area you could also communicate with. Having a conversation with customers even when they are at home, work or on the go is now possible when your business has a website. Today, the Internet is one of the first places a person who has access to a computer will go to get information. The Internet ^IS^ information. Whether it^s information on weather, travel or where to go and eat, the Internet is THE place our customers look to for information.

FACT: 45% of internet users use mobile phones to search the internet (ONS 2011), by 2014 mobile web will overtake desktop.

More people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush! Interesting and slightly alarming but this shows an important trend for anyone who owns a business and is serious about keeping and
growing their market share.

A website needs to be mobile friendly… needs to be optimised so that all your potential customers can find you, and you^re getting the most value from your website.


If you are not marketing and promoting your business when the competition is, you will get left behind. A website is a great starting point for all marketing and promotional campaigns, and will show the world your fish and chip business. Tell customers who you are….where you are……what you do….and entice them to keep coming back.
1. Promote your business and brand - visibility and credibility
2. Showcase your products
3. Build customer loyalty
4. Update information quickly
5. Improve communication with your local market
6. Reward customers
7. Social media - share photos, videos and sound
8. Run promotions
9. Stay ahead of the competition
10. People expect it!


Here^s what a website and marketing campaign did for Zan Fish. Zan Fish had a great product and an established product but felt they needed a fresh approach to how they market their food in Derby.

Nick Zannetou approached Eat Marketing and together we refreshed his brand and created a website that has brought consistency to the marketing of his four shops, and means he is always one step ahead of the competition. The website is at the centre of all Zan Fish^s advertising, menus, offers and communication with customers, while social media links with Twitter and Facebook allow Zan Fish to reach an even wider audience.

All this ensures Nick is perfectly placed to develop new promotions throughout the year and boost sales when it^s needed. The opportunities are now endless for Nick to develop and grow his brand - a fortnightly email to customers as well as, seasonal promotions and competitions are just some of the ways that Eat Marketing has helped Zan Fish, raise its profile in the local area.

Zan Fish website features include:

- A website they can update
- Integration with social media
- A mobile friendly website
- Online menu
- Latest news
- Online offers driven through email
- Google map showing all shop locations

"Eat Marketing have helped me create a great brand that stands out and ties all our shops together, customers love it! Along with our website, we now have a marketing plan that connects with our
customers and keeps them coming back for more.”
(Nick Zannetou, Managing Director)

Eat Marketing is the only team that can integrate all your marketing needs, from websites to social media and poster campaigns to loyalty schemes.

Get on with what you do best – serving great fish and chips and leave the marketing to us.

Eat Marketing……Just add food.
By Maria Louca, Eat Marketing    
Fish Friers