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VITO on the road with The Bay on the Road!

Article Date: 2017-02-28

1.What made you choose the VITO over other products?

I chose to use VITO instead of other products because it extends the life of the oil we use for events with The Bay on the Road. It’s also safe for all of the team to use, it consistently gives us a great product and it helps to create a healthier end product too.

2.How simple have you found the VITO to use?

VITO has only got three moving parts so as it’s just a case of changing the filter it’s incredibly simple. Having it in place saves time, as you don’t have to drain the oil, which is always quite labour intensive.

3.What has been your actual saving in oil costs and time?

For every event I’m cooking at I’m saving at least half an hour each time. I also don’t have to distribute the oil from The Bay on the Road through The Bay Fish & Chips and since using VITO we’ve had no oil waste.

4.How does VITO fit in with your daily routine?

It’s become part of our routine when catering for an event. Now, we don’t have to go that little bit earlier to set up as VITO helps us get ahead. As soon as we’ve arrived at an event we switch on the pans and put the VITO straight in. Then we can concentrate on other things whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that our oil is getting prepared in a safe and efficient way.

5.Would you recommend this product to your colleagues in the trade?

Definitely - especially for mobile businesses or for businesses without built in filtration.

6.From the initial outlay what is your anticipated ROI?


VITO has paid for itself within a year for us.


Did you know VITO UK are the market leaders in cooking oil filtration. Suitable for both solid and liquid oils. Both mobile and portable unites available for restaurants, fish and chip shops and mobile chip vans. German manufactured to the highest quality, 2 years warranty, UK wide distribution, dedicated back up telesales operation, industry experienced sales professionals. Save money, labour and improve the quality of your oil for only a few minutes work each day

Contact: Kim Addison

Tel: 01953 851914



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