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Update on the KPMG campaign

Article Date: 2016-01-22

Following the letter received by many members sent from HM Courts & Tribunals Service this week, KPMG have issued the following explanation:


As part of the work for those members of NFFF who we helped make protective VAT claims, we submitted applications to the Tax Tribunal. This meant that the members would not have to have their own hearing at the Tribunal and would have their appeal "stayed” behind litigation involving other parties. Now that the litigation is over (with the taxpayer having lost), this letter is asking whether the member would like to withdraw their appeal.


Unless the member wants to have their own hearing at their own cost and using their own arguments for zero rating in spite of the lead case having lost then the answer is that the member will have to withdraw their appeal. To achieve this withdrawal, no action is required. If the member does not reply to the letter by 29 January then the appeal will be automatically withdrawn.


Alternatively, if the member prefers to reply to bring things to a clean finish, they should wrote a brief letter stating:


"Further to the Tribunal’s letter dated …, we confirm that we are content for the appeal to be withdrawn.”

Fish Friers