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Fish Friers

UK sugar levels soaring - but sugar levels in fish and chips are very low

Article Date: 2014-01-09

It makes for harsh reading. The amount of sugar in some foods is far too high, with experts reporting the levels must be dramatically reduced. Some key statistics include: 

Doctors and academics say levels must be reduced by up to 30 per cent They found that even zero-fat yoghurts can contain five teaspoons of sugar Heinz tomato soup has four while a Mars bar has eight teaspoons of sugar Obesity and diabetes already cost the UK over £5billion a year

Food giants are being told to cut the amount of sugar they use because it has become the ‘new tobacco’.

Simon Capewell, professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of Liverpool, said, "Sugar is the new tobacco. Everywhere, sugary drinks and junk foods are now pressed on unsuspecting parents and children by a cynical  industry focused on profit not health. The obesity epidemic is generating a huge burden of disease and death. 

Obesity and diabetes already cost the UK over £5billion a year. Without regulation, these costs will exceed £50billion by 2050."

Fish and chips - our national dish - is extremely low in sugar, and can be eaten with a clear conscience whilst helping to contribute to a nutrionally-balanced diet. 


Fish Friers