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Top Frier to Address Norway Conference​

Article Date: 2015-05-29


The UK’s best young fish frier is representing the nation’s fish and chip industry at a conference in Norway on Wednesday 3rd June.

Rachel Tweedale, Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year, will speak at a Norwegian Seafood Council conference in Kristiansund about why the UK is so passionate about fish and chips.

In the UK, £1 out of every hundred spent on food is spent on fish and chips, and its fish and chip outlets sell roughly 25% of all the white fish consumed in the UK.

Rachel, manager of The Elite Fish and Chip Company’s Sleaford restaurant and takeaway in Lincolnshire, said: "I am delighted to accept the invitation from the Norwegian Seafood Council to present at their conference.

"The key points that I will convey in my presentation are that the UK fish and chip industry has held its own for more than 150 years and is ingrained in UK culture. I will also feed back that the quality of Norwegian fish is very good and is well received by our customers – maintaining that quality and consistency will push Norwegian fish towards being a market leader.”

As part of her trip to Norway, Rachel will spend time learning and building relationships with trawling company Ramoen AS in Alesund.

Rachel continued: "At The Elite Fish and Chip Company, I fry the fish that Ramoen AS catches so it is important that I remain knowledgeable and informed about the beginning of our supply chain. This visit is a fantastic opportunity to meet the people running the fishing operations and learn from them about the processes involved.

"At The Elite Fish and Chip Company, we pride ourselves on serving fish that is sourced from sustainable fishing grounds and I am very keen to keep learning more about every stage of processing, from fishery to final consumer.”

Rachel Tweedale is Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year. The Drywite competition, supported by Seafish and The National Federation of Fish Friers, showcases the best and most talented young friers in the UK.

The Norwegian Seafood Council works closely with a fleet of five factory trawlers: Ramoen, Andenesfisk I, Granit, Atlantic and Frøyanes. They all fillet and freeze their catch at sea and are committed to providing sustainable seafood of exceptional quality.

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