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To all NFFF companies that are staging in 2017 and 2018

Article Date: 2017-01-03

CEO of Carey Pensions UK warns business owners to get on top of their auto-enrolment and assures them they are here to help.

Carey Corporate Pensions Ltd, Is a leading name in UK pensions, and founder & CEO Christine Hallett has a New Year message for all small and medium business owners:

"get on top of your auto-enrolment tasks as a priority this year, and let us help and support you, the earlier the better”

Starting in 2012, the Pensions Regulator has been issuing out staging dates for all businesses across the country. These are the deadlines by which each business, large and small, must have their employees signed up for a workplace pension scheme.

Most large corporations were assigned earlier dates and therefore already have their pensions schemes in place, (some of which are coming up for their 3 year re-enrolment phase, they may not be happy with their existing provider and looking for a change, already Carey Corporate Pensions UK Ltd are helping out with transferring schemes, into a more helpful and supportive environment so call us if you are one of these dissatisfied companies);

but many small and medium businesses have staging dates that are fast approaching in early 2017. The default date for businesses that do not use the PAYE system is April 1, 2017 – a failure to meet this date could result in fines and penalties.

We have already seen some NFFF Members fall into the path of the Pensions Regulator and seeking our help only after receiving a fine for late staging - don’t let it be you next in line !!

Putting this task off until after the holidays may seem like an attractive option, but Hallett warns against this urge.

"There is no better time to sort out your pensions auto-enrolment than before the holiday season. We expect to see a huge surge in activity in the New Year, and the wait times and stress will be running high. Sort these tasks out now and you can concentrate on your business in the New Year without this weight on your shoulders.”


All NFFF Members have the unique online link to use to get set up immediately - whenever their Staging Date.
We activate it when you are due to start up.
So set up now and leave the rest to us.


Tel: 0330 124 1510

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