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Fish Friers

The weird and wonderful items you can buy from chip shops around the UK revealed by Wren Kitchen

Article Date: 2020-08-28

Fish and chips… is there anything better? Or should we say batter?

The local chip shop is an iconic part of life in the UK and a staple of the nation’s diet. However, there has long been a debate up and down the country into the names of our favourite meal, as new research by Wren Kitchens reveals. So, do you order scraps or bits? Is it mushy or garden peas? And is it a bread cake or bap?

Just what do we call excess batter bits?

Unsurprisingly, the most common name is scraps. However, there is an unusually large amount of people who call them bits and even gribbles. Here’s what different parts of the UK call the delicious excess batter bits:

And to answer an age-old debate… just what do we call a bread roll?

Bread roll, butty and cob, here’s how different parts of the UK pronounce the legendary “bread roll”:

Weird and wonderful regional fish and chip delicacies – which do you fancy? (if any!)

Depending on where you are in the UK, wandering into a fish and chip shop can be a vastly different experience. There are lots of weird and wonderful delicacies available up and down the country – we’ve listed some of them below, along with where you can usually find them. We asked the nation whether they sounded nice or nasty – here’s what Brits think:

See the full results here:

Fish Friers