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The smartest way yet to promote fish and chips is now here!

Article Date: 2012-12-18

The smartest way yet to promote fish and chips is now here!

The National Federation of Fish Friers are delighted to announce the launch of iFish4Chips – the smartphone app is now ready for the public to download and fish and chip shops to promote.

Download it for free now, either by visiting or searching for ifish4chips in the Apple App store, or through Google play for the Android version. The app is already being well received by fish and chip shops and consumers alike and many shops have already received multiple recommendations from their loyal customers.

NFFF President and former Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Winner Gregg Howard comments, "I believe that iFish4Chips is the most ground breaking thing to happen to the fish and chip industry for a long time. With smartphones becoming one of the most popular forms of communication, a listing on the app is a fantastic way of showcasing your business.”

Why have the NFFF done this?

Smartphones are one of the fastest growing forms of communication, if you doubt the relevance of being listed on iFish4Chips then consider these three facts:-

Over 18 million people in the UK use their mobile phones to access the internet.*

By 2014 mobile web will overtake desktop. **

84% of the UK population have used the Internet ***

The NFFF are constantly checking and verifying their data to ensure iFish4Chips is an accurate, up to date, workable database of the Nation’s fish and chip businesses. With more records being added every day and the facility for consumers and shop owners to add records using their smartphone, it is constantly growing and all free for potential customers and the industry to access.  

How does it work?

iFish4Chips, is designed as a handy tool for the smartphone using public to locate their nearest fish and chip shops and restaurants in a specific town, city or county. It’s also a great way for fish and chip shops to communicate location, contact details and unique selling points - direct to people’s smartphones.

Search results are either listed or displayed on a map and the user can then filter the results using important everyday considerations such as dietary requirements like halal or gluten free, or facilities including good parking or disabled access…. With many more search options available.

The app also gives customers the opportunity to ‘recommend’ a shop to other potential visitors.

If you want to be on the app then send your details!

All NFFF members and Quality Award holding shops will be added to the listings on the app free of charge and have the opportunity for a premium listing including the display of a contact telephone number, email, website and a photograph of the shop. Any shop that isn’t listed is because the owner hasn’t yet responded, but all they have to do it to pick up the phone and confirm their details with the NFFF on 0113 230 7044.

iFish4Chips is a simple and modern way for fish and chip shops to communicate key selling points and bring in new customers…
get involved and let’s keep pushing this industry forward!


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**Office for National Statistics 2011

*** Office for National Statistics Aug 2012


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