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Fish Friers


Article Date: 2015-08-14

The 42ND STREET frozen food range prides itself on choosing only the finest ingredients, guaranteeing quality and consistency with every bite, ensuring your customers return time after time. From the best-selling 42ND STREET Classic Sausage to whole chicken breast 42ND STREET Fillet Bites and Chicken Fillet Breasts, you can be rest assured that you are serving the finest food with the finest ingredients.

The ORIGINAL 42ND STREET Classic Sausage isnumber one in fish and chip shopsfor a reason. Produced from only quality prime cuts of pork, the Classic Sausage has been specifically developed to ensure fantastic flavour coupled with a succulent yet firm bite. The high pork content of 50% is what makes The ORIGINAL 42ND STREET Classic truly special – this percentage of pork means that it can justifiably be called a pork sausage – a status not many others can claim!

Due to popular demand, the same unmistakeable taste of The ORIGINAL 42ND STREET Classic Sausage is now also available in Gluten Free.

42ND STREET Gluten Free Classic Sausages are produced after a thorough factory clean-down and have been tested by an independent laboratory passing the maximum level of 20ppmm, meaning Gluten was completely undetectable. Every batch is manufactured in the UK and laboratory tested to ensure consistency of quality. As for the ingredients of the product, the unique recipe has been cleverly adopted to use a combination of rice flour and dehydrated potato as a Rusk replacement, whilst maintain its high 50% pork content.

Special point of sale poster and digital menu material is available for 42ND STREET Gluten Free Classic Sausages – please speak to your nearest Q Partnership member.

42ND STREET... it’s all about the ingredients!

The 42NdSTREET range includes:

- The Original 42ND STREET Gluten Free Classic Sausage

- The Original 42ND STREET Classic Sausage

- The Original 42ND STREET Deep Fry Sausages

- The Original 42ND STREET Battered Chicken Breast 120g Fillet

- The Original 42ND STREET Chicken Fillet Bites


42nd Street products are exclusively available from the Q Partnership:

Henry Colbeck

VA Whitley

Friars Pride

0191 482 4242

01706 364211

01733 316400





Fish Friers