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The NFFF needs you! Frying Range Customer Service Survey!

Article Date: 2015-02-09

Today is your chance to become involved with the National Federation of Fish Friers and have your say in giving us your thoughts on your frying range. The Frying Range, it is the heartbeat of your fish and chip shop and is usually your first major purchase as a fish and chip shop owner. It gives that presence to your customer when they first walk into your shop and is the defining factor of how your products will look to them.

The NFFF frying range customer service survey has been approved by the NFFF Executive Council and covers all questions from servicing to filtering to repairs. The survey can be found and completed on

Issue 2 of the Fish Friers Review 2015 will see the results of the frying range survey with the thoughts of the frying range companies on the work that they are doing and how they see their improvements benefiting the industry as a whole.

To help improve your services we need your contributions! We have spoken to all our major frying range manufacturers and involvement with all parties is needed. If you have any problems or issues with the survey, please email Rob at




Complete your ‘NFFF Frying Range Customer Service Survey’ on www.nfffsurvey.comor simply fill in your Fish Friers Review Survey.


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