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The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is now live

Article Date: 2020-04-20

Employees can claim for 80% of employee’s wages plus any employer National Insurance and pension contributions, if the business has been forced to put them on furlough because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Treasury says the system can process up to 450,000 applications an hour. Employers should receive the money within six working days of making an application, it says.

NFFF President Andrew Crook said “This was a huge gesture from the government to keep people in employment. If you are currently open or closed the trading landscape is going to be very different for some considerable time and hopefully this furlough scheme will help tide businesses over and retain the amazing skilled workers in our industry.”

NFFF member Tracy King from TK’s Fish and Chips said upon completing her claim “It was very easy and the system at 8:20 was robust - hopefully it stays that way. It simply stepped through the information that it needed and to me, was very clear. I had already calculated what I was claiming for using the HMRC guidance issued a couple of days ago. Overall, I was pretty impressed, hopefully the deposit comes as smoothly!”

Oliver Crossland said "I actually thought it was very simple and easy. I made a chart the day before with all my staff information, how much they’ve been paid last week with NI and pension taken away and it helped massively when processing the claim."

 If you have made a claim, please let us know how the process went for you? Email us at 

If you have yet to make your claim please see the following links below,

To view a step by step guide, simply click here

To make your claim, simply click here

For all the latest advice we advise members to continue to check our Coronavirus webpage. You can find it at;

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