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Fish Friers

The Bay^s Beer Batter Celebration

Article Date: 2013-05-31

In the summer, what could be better than fish and chips, followed by a few beers? But The Bay Fish & Chips in Stonehaven has taken this prefect combination one step further by combining the two.

The Bay has produced a limited-edition beer batter to celebrate the craft brew currently being stocked in Aldi stores across Scotland. 

Calum Richardson from The Bay whipped up a special beer batter using Deeside^s LAF Ale to celebrate the local brewery making it onto Aldi shelves for the retailer^s Summer Beer Festival.

Calum said: "The fizz from the beer gives the batter a great lift and crunch creating a delicious local and sustainable beer battered MSC Scottish haddock. The LAF Ale has a clean, crisp flavour which is perfect in a fish batter. The result is incredibly light in texture, but full of taste."

Described as a ^lager inspired fusion^, LAF Ale is one of 33 craft beers being stocked in Aldi stores from May 30 for Aldi^s Summer Beer Festival. The Festival builds on the success of Aldi^s inaugural beer festival, held in November 2012, when 55,000 bottles of Scotland^s finest ales and beers were sold, worth £93,000. The summer festival will see over 70,000 bottles hit shop shelves to keep up with consumer demand.

Richard Holloway, Scottish managing director at Aldi, commented: "Matching one of Scotland^s finest ales with Scotland^s best fish and chips is a no-brainer. This match is sure to whet the appetite of food and drink lovers across the Scotland. We^re proud to be bringing the Beer Festival back in time for the summer and, as part of our on-going commitment to work with local suppliers, it^s great to introduce Aldi shoppers to great new flavours and varieties of beer."

Fish Friers