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Thank you David Lovell!

Article Date: 2016-09-30

After 50 years of service, David Lovell will retire from Kerry Food Service on September 28th. 2016.

David joined Kerry in August 1966 as an accounts clerk in Spillers Regional Head Office in Bristol. He then transferred within the Group to Caperns (bird seed ingredients) as Factory Accountant progressing to Henry Jones as Company Accountantand completing his accountancy studies with a CIMA qualification.

In the late 70’s Spillers reorganised and Henry Jones transferred within the Group to the Lucas group of companies, David took the reins of HJ and together with the catering sales of Lucas created the Lucas Catering Division serving all parts of the Foodservice market to ensure excellent growth in this developing market.

Dalgety took over Spillers in the early 80’s creating the new Dalgety Foodservice Division with David at the helm until 1998 when Kerry acquired Dalgety and Kerry Foodservice was born combining Dalgety and the fledgling Kerry foodservice sections.

In addition to his foodservice career David looked after the LUCAS Brand which serves the independent Butchers market in the UK .

David led the acquisition and integration of Crispex/Dinaclass/Finedine/S H Philips (Goldensheaf) /Palmer Cereals and Peak Ingredients and leaves behind Brands (Goldensheaf/Henry Jones/Dinaclass/Chicken Train /Lucas) which are not only market leaders but also provide Kerry with valuable foundations for further progress within these fields, thus building the Kerry Fish & Chip and Southern Fried Chicken and Independent Butchers business.

"David has always been a keen supporter of the NFFF and the wider fish and chip industry. The support we have received from Kerry Food Service for our training academy has helped ensure that we have a state of the art facility to inspire the students and enable us to demonstrate best practice so they are fully equipped with the knowledge to go on to run successful businesses. David has also regularly attended our Associate Member and Promotions Meetings, his input has been invaluable and will certainly be missed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank David and wish him a very happy retirement on behalf of the NFFF and the entire fish and chip industry."

Andrew Crook, NFFF Vice President

"David has been an absolute sterling servant for the industry as a whole and has worked selflessly to improve the trade over the several years he has been involved. He is a great people’s person and also a great friend.”

Tony Rogers, VA Whitley Chairman

"Generous with friends, colleagues and business partners, David Lovell has been always high spirited in the many years working with Fast Food Systems / Southern Fried Chicken and has helped us achieve our goals and superb customer satisfaction. He has a keen perception for the food service industry and we will miss him. We wish David all the best for his retirement.”

The Fast Food Systems Ltd Team

"When David Lovell retires at the end of September the trade will lose a true Giant and supporter of the trade. I have always looked up to David^s wisdom and knowledge and would like to thank him, on behalf of the trade, for all that he has done and wish him a very happy and deserved retirement."

David Briggs, Friars Pride Chairman

"Some weeks ago I awoke one morning with a day to be filled by attending a North West Friers meeting and later some gardening. Little did I realisethatI would have my brain scrambled by the news that David Lovell, Business Director of Kerry Foodservice, was on the point of retiring.

The reason for me being taken aback was that in my previous roles as President and General Secretary of the NFFF I had had the privilege of building up a fruitful relationship between his company and the NFFF and developing a friendship which has lasted since those early days in 1992 when I was charged with finding premises in Leeds capable of housing both offices and a fully equipped Training School which now has become the Training Academy.

Over the past 24 years many companies have loyally supported the Federation but Kerry Foods through David has been one of the most outstanding with their contribution. It is difficult to believe this would have been maintained at such a high level without David’s input. Never one to claim the limelight he will be greatly missed. He has certainly earned his retirement and on a personal level I will miss him as will the Federation and the supply industry as awhole.”

Arthur Parrington, Former NFFF President

"The Fish & Chip industry is a relatively tightly knit community, historically dominated by independent Fish Friers and independent suppliers.

David Lovell ventured into this community and it was obvious to everyone, within a very short space of time, that he was "..........a man with whom we could do business”.

David has been staunchly and actively involved in the Fish & Chip market and the support provided by David has been tangible. As a significant sponsor of the Annual Fish & Chip Awards, in his capacity as the President of NEODA and through his drive and energy David has unselfishly supported the Fish & Chip market.

He ensured that his principal brands, Goldensheaf, Henry Jones & Dinaclass, were promoted, profiled and even cherished!

David Lovell is a kind, thoughtful and loyal friend. David’s contribution has been enormous and his many friends will miss him”.

Duncan Mclean, Henry Colbeck MD

"Having read my colleagues tributes to David Lovell, there is not much I can add but I would like to say what a terrible shock it was for me to hear of David’s impending retirement which absolutely stunned me as I rely heavily on his wisdom and support whenever I need advice.

I met David Lovell when Drywite first joined NEODA, we quickly became friends as we have a similar outlook on life.I have enormous respect for David’s knowledge of the Industry and for his amazing generosity and in particular for his outstanding support for the NFFF.It was thanks to David’s financial support that the NFFF were able to build their training school which has now become a Training Academy.

During the 26 years I have known David, I have been constantly amazed by the level of his generosity towards the Industry as a whole and in particular for his support of the Fish & Chip Awards which may be seen by some as good marketing, but it is more than that.I believe it stems from his genuine love of the Industry and his interest in all things to do with fish and chips.David and I have regularly attended the NFFF Associate Members and Promotions Meetings together and his input has been invaluable and will certainly be missed.

On a personal note, I feel that I will be losing a very dear friend who is honest and reliable, thoughtful and kind.David is a gentleman through and through and is a born leader.When he was Chairman of the Food Service Division of NEODA I found it a pleasure to work with him.The Industry will miss David Lovell more than words can say but I would like to join my colleagues in thanking him for his lifetime commitment to the Industry."

Briar Wilkinson, Sales & Marketing Director, Drywite Limited

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