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Surprise Recognition for Rachel^s Seafood Dedication

Article Date: 2016-07-18

Winning an award that^s not even on the nominations list isn^t something that happens every day. But that^s just what happened to The Elite Fish & Chip Company^s Rachel Tweedale at the Family Business Place Red Ribbon Awards on Friday.

Originally nominated in the ^One to Watch^ category, Rachel received a ‘Special Recognition’ award on Friday night instead, recognising her hard work and devotion as an ambassador for the seafood and fish and chip trade.

Presented with the award at the glittering ceremony at Wembley Stadium, Rachel said: "When I wasn^t chosen as the winner in my original category, I was admittedly disappointed. But to be called up out of the blue to receive something that^s been created solely for me was incredible. I absolutely love what I do, and to have that recognised by the Red Ribbon team is lovely. I^m so proud and to be able to receive this with all my family and friends present was even better.”

Rachel’s Family Business Place award comes after her previous title of 2015 DrywiteYoung Fish Fryer of the Year, which meant she acted as a steward for the industry. This included educating young friers and travelling across Europe to foster good relations and promote seafood. On these visits, she spread the message not only about fish as a great dish to eat, but the traditional methods that need to be passed down too.

Amalia Brightley-Gillott, Awards Director said: "^This year, we had one entry which we couldn^t let go unrecognized. One unique person who deserved their own award, whose has an inspiring and unwavering commitment to transforming the image of their industry. This young woman is serving fish and chips one day in her family-owned shops, and then speaking at the World Seafood Congress the next.

"Rachel Tweedale is a fantastic young ambassador for the British Fish and Chip industry and was utterly deserving of our Special Recognition Award 2016.”

The Red Ribbon Awards are the first and only independent awards to recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements of such enterprising families, regardless of size or industry.

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