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Stonehaven Beach Toilets Brought Back to Life by Two Local Businesses

Article Date: 2016-05-25

An award-winning bay made up of sandy beaches and a harbour, backed by the town of Stonehaven, is set to re-open its beach public toilets just in time for summer, thanks to the support from The Bay Fish & Chips and Aunty Betty’s, two respected businesses based on the shores of Stonehaven.


As Aberdeenshire Council have funding limitations, the two local businesses are working alongside the council to revive the public toilets just in time for the peak summer months. Being such a popular tourist spot, the toilets are understandably in high demand and will be a welcome addition to an already thriving seafront.


The Bay Fish & Chips and Aunty Betty’s have undertaken this project solely for the benefit of the Stonehaven community and any profit made from the management of the toilets will be driven straight back into the Stonehaven community.


Calum Richardson, Owner/Chef at The Bay Fish & Chips, said:


"For a long time now I’ve been desperate to get behind the revival of the Stonehaven beach toilets as I can see first-hand what an important facility it is to have in our tourist hotspot.

"I’m thrilled to be working alongside the team at Aunty Betty’s on this project. I really believe the opportunities are endless and I can’t wait to get to work on it. But right now, our main priority is to get the toilets functional and open ready for everyone visiting Stonehaven this summer!”


Nicci Dollar, Manager of Aunty Betty’s, said:


"Very basic facilities are the foundations from which we plan and then build our society. Stonehaven seafront has everything you need for a brilliant family day out – beautiful beaches, fantastic food and drink and with a bit of luck some sunshine too. Now we have the opportunity to offer a toilet facility to tourists and local alike, Stonehaven seafront is the perfect package. Now we may not be able to guarantee constant sunshine, but we can guarantee easy access to everything else and one thing we know for sure is that the beach toilets will bring a much-relieved smile for many Stonehaven beach-goers this summer!

"Alongside Calum at The Bay Fish, we would like to ask anyone wishing to raise funds for their own forward thinking, to come and spend a day at the Stonehaven beach toilets and raise their profile whilst maintaining the best possible profile for Stonehaven. I am thinking we can all be flushed with success!”


The beach toilets are currently getting renovated and will be open and ready for use in two weeks time. Keep tuned for more developments and opportunities to come from this thriving community.

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