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Statement by the National Federation of Fish Friers Regarding Fish Stocks

Article Date: 2014-03-03

The level of fish stocks has been widely covered in the media for many years, not least in recent times due to the attention received by Hugh’s Fish Fight. The National Federation of Fish Friers wholeheartedly supports the Fish Fight’s stance on discards and the work they have done to address this issue.

The fish and chip industry has been working hard for years to help ensure fisheries are managed in such a way to guarantee fish and chips will be available for future generations to come, and to try to get the message out to the media that we are seeing great recovery in the seas and positive changes in the way our members source their fish.

The British fishing fleet has been put under financial pressure over the years, through the Quota System and the level of imported fish. Although they cannot currently supply all of the fish needed in the fish and chip sector, many of our members are now able to source seafood caught by British vessels in a responsible manner to supplement their menus. This is testament to the hard work they have put in over the years and the results by the quality and size of the fish landed.

The NFFF works with organisations such as Seafish, and other recognised bodies, to help educate shop owners and the general public about what fish to purchase and which fisheries operate in a responsible manner to reduce the impact on the marine environment.

Our work with the Prince’s Trust International Sustainability Unit further demonstrates our commitment to conserving fish stocks. The entire supply chain works closely together, from the fishermen, processors, merchants and the end frier to try to offer full traceability and ensure the consumer can eat fish and chips with a clear conscience. More information can be read on the Iceland Responsible Fisheries website:

The UK fish and chip industry is in very good shape and continues to provide delicious, nutritionally-balanced meals at great value for money.       

Fish and Chips Facts:

There are currently 30 MSC-certified fish and chip shops in the UK. NFFF Responsibly sourcing code link: 95% of fish sold in UK fish and chips shops is certified as sustainable.  The Good Catch Award category at the National Fish & Chip Awards recognises fish and chip shops that have shown initiative in improving the environmentally responsible practices of their business with regards to the fish that they buy, serve and promote. The winner of this award at the 2014 National Fish & Chip Awards was Richardson’s Fish Bar, 172-180 Dock Street, Fleetwood, FY7 6JB. Tel: 01253 779 229.

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