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Special notice to all North West members

Article Date: 2014-03-12

This is a message for all North West members from Gary Parker at Blackpool & Fylde College:

You may recall speaking with me at the NFFF meeting when my colleague Mark Pickles spoke briefly about the above qualification. At that moment in time Government funding stated if you were aged 24 + you would either have to pay for the qualification in full or take out a loan. I can now disclose that the funding has changed and Blackpool and the Fylde College can now offer the qualification for FREE. I would really appreciate it if you would make your members aware of this qualification and how it can assist with their business.

L3 Professional Qualification for Fish Frier Managers

Managers and owners of fish frying businesses are usually highly skilled and knowledgeable about what it takes to run a small business, employ staff, promote their products and service, and of course fry excellent fish and chips.

The one thing that many fish friers have lacked in the past is a professional qualification that reflects the nature of their business and their skills. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland that situation has at last changed with the launch of the Level 3 Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills Certificate and Diploma.

Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy have worked with employers to develop a nationally recognised qualification suitable for fish friers, and the qualification is the fish and shellfish industry skills at level 3.

What’s in the qualification? 

Level 3 Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills (FSIS) is a very flexible qualification that can be easily tailored to fit the needs of fish friers. Typically, a fish frier undertaking this qualification would complete a range of theory and practice units covering:

 •        Principles of frying fish and chips
•         Principles of managing fish and chip operations
•         Monitoring oil frying operations
•         Setting up and maintaining food service operations
•         Customer service
•         Maximising sales
•         Planning and coordinating food service operations
This is a challenging qualification, but if approached in the right way it will be rewarding both the professional fish frier manager and their business, as they use the units to improve their knowledge and understanding, the competence of their workforce, and even make improvements to practices and procedures within their business.

How long does it take and how do I do it?

This is not a quick and easy qualification, nor should you rush it, so expect to take up to a year to complete. It’s largely up to you as the qualification will progress at the pace you decide is right for you. As the qualification is all about you and your business, it will fit around you and your business needs.

You may wish to attend a training course or two, and there will be some online learning as well. You may want to carry out one or two work-based projects or studies – the kind of thing that helps you complete your qualification while improving the business.

During your development programme you will be closely supported by an assessor from Blackpool and the Fylde College.

Each fish frier will be able to benefit from a range of standardised training resources and at the same time supported in their exploration of the other learning opportunities they need to complete their development programme.

How do I proceed?  

The next step should be to contact Gary Parker at Blackpool and the Fylde College on 07947556286 or

Gary will arrange a visit or call from a College advisor . The College advisor will help identify how the qualification can best fit into the business and explain all the facts before you make a decision.


Have you ever considered recruiting an apprentice or up-skilling your existing staff (if eligible)? You may be entitled to £1,500 for employing and apprentice aged 16 – 24. Please ask the College advisor for more information.

Blackpool and the Fylde College has recently been graded as “Outstanding” by Ofsted

I hope to hear from you and your members in the near future. 

Thank you.  


Fish Friers