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Smales fish merchants launch new logo

Article Date: 2014-06-02

Smales launch new logo & corporate identity

With a heritage dating back over three quarters of a century, Smales Fish Merchants are delighted to introduce a new Company logo.  Their new logo and corporate identity modernises one of the best known names in the fish & chip industry.

Smales^ CEO, Lee Smales states, "Through partnerships forged with our suppliers over  many  years, Smales has consistently led the way in providing UK fish friers  with  the highest quality frozen at sea fillets, as well as working with  quota  holders  to  maintain sustainable fish stocks.  As a result of this,  Smales  are  now  widely  regarded  within the industry as ^the fish experts^ The  new  branding  reflects  the way Smales has developed as a business  in  recent  years,  and  also demonstrates our commitment to be a respectful  and  thoughtful  supplier  who remains proud of the values that have  been  passed  through  generations of the Smales family. Our company will  continue  to  work  diligently  with  both customers and suppliers to ensure the future of the UK^s national dish for many years to come."

F.  Smales  &  Son  (Fish  Merchants) Ltd. are the UK^s largest supplier of Frozen At Sea Cod & Haddock fillets to the UK Fish & Chip sector, supplying Fish & Chip Shops, Fish Wholesalers and Food Service companies.


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