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Simpsons Fish & Chips becomes first shop in Gloucestershire to achieve MSC certification

Article Date: 2014-02-20

Award-winning, family-run Simpsons Fish & Chips becomes the first fish and chip shop in Gloucestershire to achieve MSC certification. This means that all the MSC certified fish on their menu can be traced back to sustainable, well-managed fisheries.

Cheltenham residents can now look forward to MSC certified sustainable pollock and hake on the menu for their local fish supper with hopefully more MSC options on the way.

Award-winning family business

Winner of the National Fish & Chips Awards 2013: Regional Winner award as well as others Simpsons Fish & Chips has a firm place in the local community. Co-founder and owner, James Ritchie, has been part of the family business for almost 10 years and all of his five siblings have worked in Simpsons at some point – two of his brothers still do. So for him the success of the business is personal. This includes their dedication to only providing proven sustainably sourced seafood.

“We wanted to prove that no matter how land-locked you are you can still source your fish responsibly,” James explains. “It’s important to us to show our customers that we care about responsible and traceable sourcing. MSC is the most recognised ecolabel in the world and it’s much easier to source sustainable fish without the need to do the research ourselves before purchasing.”

George Clark, UK Commercial Manager for the MSC, said: “By choosing MSC certified sustainable fish for their menus, Simpsons are helping to protect the marine environment, making sure that there will be fish for now and for future generations. They have a fantastic commitment to sustainability and this really shows through all the hard work and dedication they put into achieving certification. I look forward to seeing MSC on the menu.”


That^s the way to do it! The Simpsons team with their certification
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