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Show your support to VE Day

Article Date: 2020-05-04

On Friday 8th May the UK will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

Fish and chips played a massive role in both World Wars starting with Lloyd George's war cabinet recognising the importance of fish and chips to the Nation and ensuring fish and chip supplies remained off ration. Prime Minister, Winston Churchill referred to fish and chips as 'Good Companions'.

British soldiers identified each other during the 'D' Day landings by calling out 'fish' and the response or password was 'chips'. Any other response and they would have certainly had their chips.

The NFFF is encouraging our members to get involved and show good will to veterans and care/residential homes in your local community.

Contact these institutes and see if you can provide a service or donate some food for people who are unable to access your fish and chips in these current times.

Shops who are currently shut due to the coronavirus pandemic together with shops who are open are able to get involved with this initiative.

The NFFF have produced a press release template and marketing items for you to use and send to your local newspaper to raise publicity for your shop and community.

Do something positive in these difficult times and if you are taking part please let the NFFF know how you are getting involved by emailing

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