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Setting and Raising Standards - Getting to know Richard Wardell

Article Date: 2014-12-17


The National Federation of Fish Friers is pleased to announce that Richard Wardell, has been appointed to the position of Training Manager, but before starting on the 5th January 2015 Richard called in to the NFFF Head Office on the 9th December to observe a day of the ‘Three-Day Training Course: NFFF Complete Guide to Fish and Chip Shop Management’, we managed to sit down and ask Richard some of the questions our NFFF member would like to know.


Q) What are the main duties of your new role which you have taken on at the National Federation of Fish Friers?

Richard Wardell - My main duties will include overseeing the development and delivery of training programmes, managing the NFFF Training School and promoting training opportunities to interested parties. All of these tasks will require me to work with individuals who I already know but also to nurture new working relationships which I’m looking forward to.


Q) What are the benefits of training, and why should fish and chips shops get involved in training?

Richard Wardell - The benefits of training are immense! In simple terms, a well trained workforce results in motivated staff levels which leads to improved productivity and this ultimately has a positive impact on sales and profits. Fish and chip shops /restaurants that I have worked with in the past have experienced these benefits as a result of effective training. Success breeds further success but this can only be achieved if people possess an optimistic attitude to life and their work.

To read the rest of our interview with Richard Wardell and howjoining the NFFF we plan setting and raising the standards of training for the fish and chip industry, look forward to Issue 1 of the Fish Friers Review.

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