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Sector businesses without a licence to serve alcohol will not need table service

Article Date: 2020-09-24

Fast food and food-to-go operators without a licence to serve alcohol will not need to serve customers at tables, the government has confirmed.

Customers buying food and drink from coffee shops and fast food outlets will still be able to order and be served at the counter.

A spokesman for No10 said: “The requirement for table service applies to licensed premises meaning that, in these venues, food and drink must be ordered and served at a table.

Non-licensed outlets or many fast food outlets with eat-in areas will, therefore, not be required to provide table service.

However, customers who choose to eat in will need to do so seated at a table.”

Drive-thrus do not need to close after 10pm and can remain open for their usual hours.

Takeaway outlets must shut at 10pm, but can continue to make home deliveries after 10pm. Licensed premises can be fined £1,000 if they fail to ensure the rules are followed, which rises to as much as £10,000 for repeat offenders.

Fish Friers