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Seafood Week - 9th to 16th October - Download Your Promotional Toolkit

Article Date: 2015-08-18

We want to get people excited about seafood 365 days of the year but use Seafood Week as a specific focal point for fish and shellfish consumers to celebrate all things seafood.

Whether they’re trying seafood in their homes, at a café, restaurant, fish and chip shop or at an event, the week will provide all sectors of the industry with the opportunity to get involved.

Seafood Week is centred around the idea of creating a buzz about the seafood on offer, and aims to be one of the highlights of the UK’s culinary calendar. More than that, it represents the perfect platform to encourage more people, to eat more fish, more often.

Ultimately, this is a genuine chance to showcase the variety and quality of seafood available to UK consumers, and a real opportunity to focus on the importance of seafood in everyday life, primarily by encouraging more people to buy, taste and cook seafood. Raising awareness of Seafood Week is key. To help do that, in this toolkit you’ll find specific plans and ideas on how you can take part in Seafood Week.

You’ll also find how to get hold of all the marketing materials you need to make the most of the week - from a local media press release template, written and ready to be sent, to social media ideas, downloadable logos, posters and bunting.

Download the Promotional Toolkit by clicking on following link


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