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Seafish Apprenticeship Workshops – London

Article Date: 2014-11-12


Seafish and UKRS Training in collaboration with Billingsgate Seafood Training School and Westminster Kingsway College are planning to host two road shows in London to promote fish and shellfish professional qualifications and apprenticeships to fish processors, fishmongers and fish friers.


The dates for these road shows are

Tuesday 25th November @ 1pm at Westminster Kingsway College 

Wednesday 26th November @ 9.30am at Billingsgate Seafood Training School.

For more information please click here, Booking in advance would be appreciated following the details on the invitation.

If you are interested in attending one of the following road shows, please reply by phone, sms or e-mail


The venue, your name, business name, telephone number and email address and the number of persons attending the roadshow.

Call or send texts to 07951 749 190 or email

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