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Safer Food-Better Business manual

Article Date: 2013-12-20

The Safer Food - Better Business Manual, created by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), is the mainstay for Environmental Health Officers when they visit food outlets and give their ratings. 

Without the completed manual alone, a shop may be awarded a rating of 1 out of 5. 

Some fish and chip shops have found themselves down-rated because the manual was not filled in or not “on site”. If this occurs, a shop has to endure 3-month appeal process to be re-rated.

Last year this manual could be obtained free of charge from the FSA. However, a few months ago, this practice ceased due to financial cuts and shops are advised to download the whole pack off the net. 

Any shop can do this, but it will cost time, paper and ink. Each page needs to be punched to fit a ring binder or two.It is advisable to keep the two sections of the manual in a separate binder. 

Once completed, the first section is NOT required, but the diary section will be in use every day. YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PRINTED OFF ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTS. 

However, some local authorities have started to carry out this service on request from food businesses within their jurisdiction and, because they are not allowed to make a profit, are charging just for cost (about £20 to £25 for the full pack) and less just for the diary section refill. 

Alternatively, go to a Business Support Section of a large library for help and to pay them.

Which ever route you take, all firers will need this manual

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