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Fish Friers

Roland^s Happy Plaice flying high with fundraising

Article Date: 2014-03-04

Roland^s Happy Plaice in Porthleven, Cornwall, will be taking part in an impressive fundraising event on Monday 17th March.

The stalwart NFFF member will be raising funds for the 771 Squadron Search and Rescue charity.

From 4pm - 8pm, they will open their shop and will be serving a full portion of fish and chips for ONLY £3.00...and all the £3.00 will go into the fund. Customers will have the chance to purchase an ACE OF SPADES PLAYING CARD (the squadron logo) for £1.00, write a message on the reverse side and then suspend it from the chippy ceiling for all to see (as they did with the hearts in 2012 and the smiley faces in 2013).

Members of the Squadron will be there on the evening.

AND ALSO......

Roland and his team are having a photo shoot on Tuesday 18th March at 2pm ish , when a large group of the Helicopter Heros will be at the shop, some in uniform and some in flying suits.

For more information please phone Roland on 07875531760. 

Roland and Lindsey Lowery 

Rolands Happy Plaice



Fish Friers