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Article Date: 2013-12-16



With Chip Week 2014 (17-23 February) fast approaching, chip shop owners need to register now in order to ensure they will receive a fantastic new point-of-sale (POS) kit and a chance to take part in the Choice Chip Awards for 2014.

Stu Baker, Chip Week campaign manager for Potato Council, said: “The New Year is traditionally a quiet time for chip sales, which is why Chip Week is so important for chip shop owners. It’s a great platform to boost sales by raising your profile in the local press and encourage new and repeat customers though the door.

“Our brand new promotional kit contains everything needed to help promote Chip Week 2014 and drive chip sales both during the Week and afterwards, so make sure you don’t miss out by registering for yours now.”

The Chip Week POS kit contains:

Two posters, one to promote Chip Week 2014 and a ‘Love Chips’ poster to use throughout the year

Counter display cards


A media advice booklet, explaining how to maximise publicity for your shop in the local press and on radio

Voting cards, so your customers can vote for you in the Choice Chip Awards

Empty belly press release to help maximise publicity for your shop

And, new for 2014, customer loyalty cards to help drive repeat purchases throughout the year


Your Chance To Win!

Every shop that registers for Chip Week 2014 will automatically be entered into the Choice Chip Awards. The Awards are designed to recognise the best chips being served in the country, but it’s up to your customers to vote for you.

Customers can either vote using the voting cards in your Chip Week promotional kit or online at After the closing date, ten chip shops will be recognised and rewarded for being the best in their region, but the chip shop with the most votes overall will be awarded the prestigious ‘Champion’ title, confirming their position in the chip hall of fame.

Owners of the Chip Choice Awards Overall Winner 2013, Burton Road Traditional Chippy in Lincoln, said: “It far exceeded anything we could have hoped for. News of the award spread and we were on TV, the radio and in the local newspapers while our charity events during Chip Week really bought the community together. We raised money and drew in custom from far and wide – we even had a banner made to publicise and benefit from our success throughout the year.”

Stu Baker added: “The Choice Chip Awards are a real highlight of Chip Week. They can be used to generate media and consumer interest in your business and create a real buzz throughout January and February. But as they say, ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ so what are you waiting for - make sure you’re registered for Chip Week today!”

To register for Chip Week 2014, email or call T: 01664 869409.

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