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Fish Friers

Quayside^s saucy dip

Article Date: 2014-02-12

Quayside of Whitby is proving that a saucy dip at the seaside is on the (post)cards whatever the weather this week.

In the fashion of the famous cheeky seaside postcards, the team from the UK’s number one fish and chip shop donned swimsuits and sunhats, despite the gale force gloom, for a dip on Whitby beach to celebrate National Chip Week (17th – 23rd February).

The plucky pair didn’t need to dip a toe in the water however, instead they dunked warming and award winning chips from Quayside’s takeaway and restaurant into a ‘dip of the day’, and soaked up the sauce rather than the sun.


The family run takeaway, just voted the UK’s Best Independent Fish & Chip Takeaway, is asking customers to take a dive into its ‘Dip of the Day’ during Chip Week, with a different dip and chip combo served every day at Quayside on Pier Road.

“Saucy postcards are as much part of the seaside experience as fish and chips, so we wanted to bring the two famous traditions together again in our own way!” says Stuart Fusco, director and head chef at Quayside. “So for all the chip dippers out there, come and try and tell us what you think – when the chips are down, what do you dip?”

The saucy postcard was specially commissioned from local artist and illustrator Neil Pearson, who’s famous for his paintings and sketches of the North Yorks coastline and its characters. There is only a limited edition available, so chip fans need to dip in quickly during Chip Week, so they don’t miss out.

Naughty but nice saucy postcards have been a feature of the British seaside for more than 100 years, with the first design dating back to 1870. With their scantily clad women and double entendres they became hugely popular and at their peak between 1930 and 1960 sales reached £16 million a year. 

Fish Friers