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Quarantine cravings: Just Eat UK reveals Britain's lockdown food delivery trends

Article Date: 2020-04-16

As Brits settle into life in lockdown our eating habits have adjusted to reflect our long days at home.

While the trend of baking banana bread may have taken social media by storm, it seems the joy of tucking into our favourite takeaway has remained a staple for households across the country.

Data from Just Eat has revealed that following the Government’s instruction to stay at home, our eating habits have begun to adapt to life indoors.

1. Dinner comes early

Without the daily commute Brits are getting hungry earlier. Instead of waiting until 7:30 for dinner, orders for evening meals are now starting two and a half hours earlier at 5pm. Lunch has also followed suit, with a trend in lunch orders peaking just before midday. The data indicates that with schools now closed and parents working from home, families who would typically have dinner at different times are coming together to eat earlier in the evening before youngsters’ bedtime.

2. Always room for dessert…. sides and a drink

When it comes to what we’re ordering there’s been a 36% rise in desserts. Signalling the need for small joys during these unsettling times, chocolate fudge cake, strawberry cheesecake and apple pie have become the top after dinner treats. Similarly, Just Eat has seen a rise in sides and drinks, as many crave the taste of firm favourites they may no longer be able to get in supermarkets.

3. What day is it again?

One of the biggest trends Just Eat is reporting is the rise of food delivery earlier in the week. As each day blurs into the other and the concept of time becomes illusive, gone too is the mentality of a Friday or Saturday night treat. While vast amounts of people continue to order at the weekend, Brits are getting more meals delivered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, perhaps as a reward for getting through the tough start of the working week or breaking the back of hump day.

4. A sense of togetherness

One of the benefits of staying home has been more quality time with family or housemates, which has been reflected in the way we’re eating. More households are ordering meals for three or more people indicating that we’re making the most of mealtimes to come together with those we’re in lockdown with, and feel a sense of closeness even though we’re miles apart from so many people we love.

In line with the nation’s new eating habits, Just Eat’s algorithms are continually adapting to show hungry Brits the food they want, when they want it. Crucially, Just Eat is also passing this data onto its 35,700 restaurant partners to help them optimise operations and continue to offer customers the best experience.

Andrew Kenny, Just Eat UK Managing Director commented: “It’s no surprise that during this unnerving time, people are looking to retain a sense of normality with their favourite takeaway. Mealtimes have become the thing that punctuates our days and a moment to look forward to when the world around us has become difficult to comprehend.

"We are immensely proud that, with the help of our incredible restaurant partners and couriers in our network, Just Eat continues to deliver for the nation."

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