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Pukka serves up Vegan duo out-of-home In time for Veganuary

Article Date: 2021-01-08

Pukka, the nation’s favourite hot pie brand, is helping foodservice operators tap into the £600m+ vegan and vegetarian opportunity[1] by launching its new Vegan range out-of-home.

Rolling out in time for Veganuary 2021, Pukka’s Vegan range includes Vegan Chicken & Mushroom and Vegan Minced Steak & Onion, which are 100% plant-based versions of two of the brand’s bestselling recipes. Containing 12 frozen wrapped pies in a case, they are specifically designed for out-of-home outlets including fish & chip shops, pubs, cafes and bakeries.

Vegan Chicken & Mushroom has soy protein vegan ‘chicken’ pieces, sliced mushrooms and a savoury vegan creamy sauce encased in 144 layers of Pukka’s signature golden puff pastry. Vegan Minced Steak & Onion offers a new take on this traditional recipe, with minced soy protein vegan ‘steak’ paired with finely chopped onions in a rich gravy. 

Since launching in retail in September, the range is performing well – helping to attract over 90,000 new shoppers to the category in its first four weeks on-shelf – particularly amongst a younger demographic[2]. This success is something the brand sees translating into foodservice, which will help outlets to drive incremental sales.

The new recipes will be highlighted with a vegan flash and the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark on the front of the wrappers.

Pukka’s General Manager, Isaac Fisher, explains: “The number of vegans in the UK has risen +350% in the last year[3], so it seems only right that we offer chippy owners and other out-of-home operators, tasty plant-based recipes which don’t compromise on taste.

“Chicken & Mushroom and Minced Steak & Onion are two of our most popular pies out-of-home, and this launch gives hospitality players an opportunity to tap into the vegan opportunity with our plant-based alternatives to help drive sales – which is especially important after such a challenging year.

“What’s more, they are delivered in cases of 12 frozen pies enclosed in our new and improved wrappers – which come complete with our updated design, eye-catching photography and clearer messaging – giving customers confidence in our pies regarding integrity and segregation, allowing them to be served in the safest possible way.”

Vanessa Brown from the Vegetarian Society adds:  "The popularity of vegan food and drink products shows no signs of slowing down, and this is thanks to brands like Pukka launching tasty vegan options. It helps to give people more variety and these pies have been accredited with the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark which will appeal to a lot of shoppers looking for their next vegan-friendly meal out-of-home.”

The launch will be supported by PR, social advertising and trade advertising, plus a POS launch pack which will include heater signs, window posters and Pukka branded grease proof paper – to help drum-up excitement amongst consumers and trade customers alike.

Pukka’s Vegan range will be available to order in cases of 12 x 210g frozen baked and individually wrapped pies from December 2020. Take advantage of the January promotion by contacting your representative or calling Pukka directly on 0116 264 4000.

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[2] Kantar data to 01.11.2020

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