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Pukka Pies Shop of the month announced

Article Date: 2013-10-16

Dolphin Dives in to Win Chippy of the Month

Dolphin Fish and Chip Shop in Fleetwood has been awarded the Pukka Pies Fish and Chip Shop of the Month award.

The chippy on Blakiston Street in Fleetwood becomes the first winner of the award in the North West where Pukka Pies have added a number of new accounts in recent months.


Earlier this year Britain^s favourite branded pie manufacturer announced that they would be launching a shortcrust version of their famous pies into the North West market.

Dolphin Fish and Chip Shop are just one of a number of outlets to change suppliers to Pukka Pies in recent months.

Owner Tony Farrell, who received the Chip Shop of the Month award at the shop, commented; “We are delighted with the new range of Pukka Pies and we have had lots of compliments from our customers.

“Our regular customers have been really impressed and sales have been fantastic and it is great to receive the recognition of Chip Shop of the month.

“Quality of ingredients and produce is very important to us from the potatoes that we use to the fish that we fry and our choice of pies is no different.”

Craig Jenel, Business Development Manager for Pukka Pies in the North West, added: “We have made a significant investment into the North West and it is great to see one of our own Fish and Chip Shops winning this award.

"In our 50th year we are continuing to innovate and develop products for our customers at this very exciting time for the company."

The new delicious shortcrust pies come in six popular flavours: Steak & Kidney, Chicken and Mushroom, Minced Beef & Onion, All Steak, Potato & Meat and Potato, Cheese and Onion.

Pukka Pies serve the UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Malta, Gibraltar and France with a network of National and European distributors along with their own multi-drop delivery vehicles in the Midlands.

Pukka Pies supply a range of pies and pasties – including Steak and Kidney, Chicken and Mushroom and Steak and Ale varieties – to hundreds of fish and chip shops, football stadiums and supermarkets across the country.

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