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Pukka Pies Launches National Taste Challenge!!

Article Date: 2014-12-11

To raise brand awareness during the peak of pie season and drive retailer footfall, Pukka Pies has launched a national taste challenge for consumers.

Following a survey commissioned by the UK’s number one pie brand that revealed 60% of Brits are turning to quick-fix suppers of toast, cereal and crisps instead of a traditional meat and two veg meal, the company has launched a search for 100 ‘Pukka Supper Pie-oneers’.

The lucky ‘taste-testers’ from across the UK to be selected for the exclusive challenge will act as advocates for the brand at a time of year when sales of comfort food such as pies are expected to be high. Each ‘Pie-oneer’ will receive a month’s supply of vouchers for free pies and will be tasked with sharing their favourite dishes and combinations via the Pukka Pies Facebook page to inspire others;

Rob Dixon, Head of Marketing at Pukka Pies, explains: "We decided to launch our Pukka Supper Pie-oneer taste challenge to encourage busy consumers to ditch quick-fix snacks such as toast or sandwiches and instead enjoy a quick-to-prepare, warm and comforting meal that will satisfy.

"We are so confident of the quality of our hearty pies that it seems the ideal time to invite the public to put them to the test. We want our Pie-oneers to share how they enjoy their dinner times so much more with Pukka and inspire others to create great evening dinners, too.”

Pukka Pie-oneers are being recruited via an entry form on the Pukka Pies website. There have been over 850 applications to date for the 100 places available. Entry closes midnight 12 December 2014.

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