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Procter & Gamble gives newly established hospitality businesses a helping hand

Article Date: 2013-07-04

P&G Professional launches new business start-up pack to help new UK hospitality operators thrive 

After serving British hospitality for over three decades, P&G Professional ( today announced the launch of a new business start-up pack designed to help new hospitality operators kick-start their business and create great guest experiences.  The first few months of running a new business are critical so P&G Professional, the division of Procter & Gamble serving the hospitality, foodservice and cleaning industry, want to help owners hit the ground running right from the start.

The packs are being sent to over 500 HoReCa operators who have recently opened their doors for business across the UK. They contain a range of full size P&G Professional cleaning products and a complementary cleaning caddy to store the products; all vital in helping create that all important first impression.   

Commenting on the launch of the new business start-up pack, Jayne Clark, P&G Professional Sales Director for UK & Ireland, said: “Supporting the interests of independent hospitality operators up and down the country is something we’re really proud of at P&G Professional. Anyone that has the courage to open a new business, especially in these economic times, deserves our respect and we’re happy to help give them a head start to achieving success.”  

Partners for Success

P&G Professional knows that having knowledgeable and reliable business partners is important to the success of any business. In addition to the start-up pack, a new free online resource for operators was recently launched. The Academy ( offers free registration where operators can watch peer-to-peer video masterclasses, download training materials for their staff or learn directly from industry experts. Articles tackle diverse topics, such as guest experience, staff retention, online marketing and the always important topic of cleanliness.  

“We love sharing our experience and expertise with business owners to help them succeed.  These new assets, along with dedicated customer service, allows P&G Professional to be a well-rounded business partner and mentor to hospitality operators,” said Manuela Farina, Communications Manager for P&G Professional.

High standards = business results

As a recent spring cleaning survey commissioned by P&G Professional showed, cleanliness is intrinsically linked to business reputation. A staggering 97 per cent of guests agreed that cleanliness is the most important factor when choosing a restaurant, café, bar or hotel – more important than cost, service, location and little perks. P&G Professional is proud to be able to leverage its 175 years of deep consumer understanding to provide innovative solutions that can help independent operators deliver a superior guest experience. 


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