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Plymouth chippy serving for success

Article Date: 2016-12-21

Kingfisher Fish & Chips in Plymouth has introduced changes to its portion sizes and seen its profit increase three-fold.

Co-owners of Kingfisher Fish & Chips, Craig Maw and Nikki Mutton, bought their chip shop in 2012 and its selection of portion choices attracts fish and chip lovers from far and wide. 

Nikki said: "We now offer a small, regular and large portions, as well as a children’s size, to cater for a variety of appetites. Introducing these four portion sizes has helped us reduce waste and improve our margins.”

Craig added: "We installed electronic displays with nutritional information for customers, promoting the vitamin, protein and Omega-3 content of our food. We want to show our customers that fish and chips can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet.”

Kingfisher Fish & Chips is an ambassador of Seafish and AHDB’s Enjoy Fish and Chipscampaign. The campaign highlights consumer habits and preferences when eating fish and chips and aims to meet the evolving needs of customers with regards to variety and nutrition.

Research, carried out by Seafish and AHDB Potatoes, revealed that while people in the UK love to eat fish and chips, a third (33%) of people would eat it more often if they were offered a variety of portion sizes. The research also highlighted that almost half (44%) of customers often throw some of their meal in the bin as the portion size can be too big.

Fish and chips has been the nation’s favourite takeaway since the 19thCentury with [1]

Kingfisher Fish and Chips shop has received 21 awards to date and puts part of its success down to the use of sustainable palm oil to create crispy, light batter and golden chips. The shop also has up-to-date nutritional information on hand to inform customers who are interested in knowing calorie and energy information.

Craig and Nikki use responsibly-sourced fish to help protect fish stocks and, with their increased profit, have plans to expand their 18 staff and premises by creating a restaurant area to support customer demand.

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