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Fish Friers

Pea Power

Article Date: 2019-10-21

Fish Friers have always recognised the additional nutritional benefit achieved by serving a portion of Mushy Peas with their  Fish & Chips.  This popular ‘side’ packs protein, fibre and essential vitamins and trace minerals and adds greatly to the health credentials of our iconic dish.

It appears that the world of food ‘manufacturing’ has now woken up to the many benefits of pea protein. Across the Globe producers of vegan and vegetarian  meals are replacing soya protein with pea protein and it is now the hottest ingredient in the sector. They are extracting the protein from ‘yellow’ peas in the main as these constitute the cheapest source and this variety is grown extensively to produce yellow split peas

With ‘International Mushy Pea Day’ fast approaching (November 8th.) it struck me that some Fish Friers might  wish to feature a rainbow selection of ‘Pea Sides’ utilising Green Marrowfats, Black Maple Peas and Yellow Peas ?

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