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Papa^s Celebrate Best of British Takeaways

Article Date: 2017-04-05

Papa’s Fish & Chips saw thousands of customers take advantage of their recent offer of ‘Medium Fish and Chips for a penny’ to celebrate their victory in the BBC TWO TV show Best of British Takeaways.

The three branches of Papa’s, two located in Willerby and Bilton in Hull and the third in Scarborough, saw over 15,000 portionssold during the promotion which took place over two days.

On both days the doors swung open at 11:30am and immediately queues formed across the three sites, these continued until the doors shut at 10pm.

Usually costing £4.25 for medium haddock and chips, the chain took a hit of over £50,000 to hold the event. However to Papa’s it was about more than the money. Dino Papadamou, who owns the fish and chip chain with his dad Sid and brother George, said, ^It^s not about the money for us, we are here to give something back’.

The event marked Papa’s triumph last month when they won the BBC TWO TV show Best of British Takeaways. The show highlighted the history of fish and chips, the journey that the nation’s favourite meal has taken over the years and finished with pitting the wits of three fish and chip shops against each other in a series of challenges of which Papa’s came out victorious. Credit to Krispies of Exmouth and Hook of Camden.

The NFFF stated ‘As a Federation we were delighted with the BBC TWO TV show Best of British Takeaways which offered a very informative programme regarding fish and chips. We commend the BBC and the production company TwentyTwenty on the amount of research carried out.

The ‘cook offs’ provided a variety of options for preparing and eating our traditional cuisine and the contenders all did a fabulous job. We congratulate all the shops who appeared on the show and offer a huge congratulations to Sid, George and Dino on gaining the edge and winning.

It was a welcome change to see fish and chips portrayed in a positive manner rather than the negative way it is usually shown. It was great to see Papa’s promoting fish and chips’.

Fish Friers