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OUT NOW - Issue 4 of the Fish Friers Review!

Article Date: 2020-06-24

Celebrating 95 years of publication the Fish Friers Review was first published in 1925. The Fish Friers Review is the official journal of the NFFF, and the fish and chip industry ……… welcome to issue 4!

Businesses up and down the country have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic including the NFFF Directors fish and chip businesses. Although the doors to businesses might have been shut, it didn’t stop them from looking at evolving and improving.  We discuss what the NFFF Directors did in the down time to help come out of the pandemic stronger.  Throughout issue 4 we also provide you with the latest information together with the place where you can keep up to date.

Dropping fish prices are putting the UK catching sector under pressure amid the coronavirus pandemic, industry figures have warned. We speak to a former skipper Laurence Hartwell on the current situation.

The ‘Friers Book Club’ is back. NFFF member, Peter Fraser from Harbour Lights Fish & Chips latest book is ‘Who moved the cheese?’ by Dr Spencer Johnson. In Peters words ‘of all the books I plan to recommend this is probably the most easy to read because: 1. It’s quite short 95 pages (an undisturbed hour of your life) 2. It’s a fun story not a non-fiction advice book. It is one of the most successful business books ever written, 20+ million copies is some achievement.’

Finally, our next recipe in the ‘NFFF Ultimate Recipe Collection’, we welcome our second instalment from Dominic Ord. Dominic is head chef at the Colman Seafood Temple in South Shields. Today we share with you the secrets of making ‘Four Cheese Patty’.

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