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Out Now - Issue 4 of the Fish Friers Review

Article Date: 2019-06-21

First published in 1925, the Fish Friers Review is the official journal of the NFFF and the fish and chip industry……… welcome to issue 4!

In this issue we take a look back at National Fish and Chip Day 2019. On 7th June the whole fish and chip industry celebrated the day dedicated to them.  It was an early start for NFFF President Andrew Crook who joined Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 Breakfast, appearing alongside the likes of Liam Gallagher and Craig David. Later that day NFFF Vice President Craig Maw and his partner Nikki Mutton went out live on the BBC One Show, cooking up fish and chips for Harry Hill, Patrick Kielty and Jamie Cullen.  

We also tackle ‘Gluten Free’ and look at the options available for fish and chip shop owners together with speaking to a couple of shops who have seen their businesses thrive by catering for this market.

The NFFF AGM is fast approaching, see which NFFF Directors are standing for their positions this year and how you can become involved with the NFFF.

Finally, want to know what a perfect weekend would be for Mark Savage of the Wetherby Whaler, or what he would do with £500,000, check it out in our latest 10 questions with….

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