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Olley’s receives Gluten Free accreditation from Coeliac UK

Article Date: 2018-02-13

The news coincides with the Herne Hill chippy extending its gluten free menu from two days a week to seven, which means customers with coeliac disease, an autoimmune disease, or those that choose to avoid gluten can now enjoy fish and chips no matter what day of the week it is. GF accreditation is achieved by outlets who work with national charity Coeliac UK to meet the required gluten free standards, ensuring safe food There are currently approximately 3,300 GF accredited venues in the UK of which only 31 To achieve accreditation, Olley’s was put through an audit to assess all aspects of preparing and serving gluten free food. This included staff training, communication with other staff and the gluten free customer, supply chain controls, storage, preparation and cooking and hygiene. Olley’s can now use the Coeliac UK GF symbol on its menus , owner of Olley’s Fish Experience, comments: "We’ve been successfully catering for gluten free customers for many years so are well-versed in the need to ensure they have safe gluten free options they can trust. However, we wanted to highlight our high standards to our customers, as we know it can be tricky for those who have to avoid gluten when eating out.

"Now customers are reassured from the moment they walk in the door that they can enjoy their meal and, more importantly, that they have a choice of safe options just the same as a regular customer would. We don’t want anyone to feel left out, this makes fish and chips available to everyone.”All Olley’s staff have undergone specific training, which Harry pin-points as being critical to running a successful gluten free food business. He comments: "Each one of our staff has successfully completed the Coeliac UK course Sarah Sleet, chief executive of Coeliac UK, said: "We know eating out safely is a top concern for people with coeliac disease and finding safe gluten free fish and chips often tops the list of meals our members want to eat. We are working with the hospitality industry to help them deliver good quality menu choices for people with coeliac disease and we are delighted Olley’s Fish Experience is recognising the importance of catering for this market by gaining accreditation from Coeliac UK.” Olley’s uses a special gluten free batter and buys in gluten free condiments, as well as a selection of gluten free English beers. All gluten free food is cooked in a separate fryer in a different part of the kitchen to ensure there is no cross-contamination while separate utensils are used to serve the food, which is clearly marked with gluten free branded food picks. Come and put Olley’s award winning food to the test yourself at 65-69 Norwood Road, Herne Hill SE24 9AA. It operates a takeaway and a restaurant serving 10 different species of MSC certified fish as well as a host of other fish and chip shop favourites. Open Monday 5pm-9.30pm and Tuesdays-Sunday 12-3pm and 5pm-9.30pm. to read the full gluten free menu available every day on request. To find out more about Olley’s Fish Experience, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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