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Olley’s helps school children shout about climate change from its rooftop

Article Date: 2016-07-04

A South London fish and chip shop is helping local school children draw attention to the effects of climate change by installing a 3m tall sculpture on its restaurant’s rooftop.

Olley’s Fish Experience in Herne Hill has generously donated its roof space above the eatery to install the artwork created by the children of Christ Church Primary School SW9 in Cancell Road, Lambeth.

Made of salvaged wood, the sculpture depicts a hand holding a pencil, drawing a red line that symbolises the threshold between life as we know it and irreversible global warming. A red line of fabric embellished with flowers made from recycled materials encircles the sculpture on the roof.

The inspiration came from demonstrations at last year’s historic global climate change summit in Paris where huge red ribbons were held over the heads of a moving procession of people to ^draw a line to protect our climate.^ Every child in the school, from 4 to 11 years old, has contributed to creating the dynamic sculpture withtheirartist in residence Hannah Littlejones.

Harry Niazi, owner of Olley’s Fish Experience, comments: "It’s a truly stunning piece of artwork and we felt it needed to be given a place for everyone to see it and appreciate not just what it stands for but also the hard work these youngsters have put into it.

"As a fish and chip shop we understand all too well how important it is to protect our planet, in particular our oceans. It^s great to see and hear that these schoolchildren care about their future too and are aware about the impact climate change can have on their local environment in a way that we never did at their age. Olley^s is very proud to be associated with the project and is keen to help spread the message.”

Artist in residence Hannah Littlejones adds: ”This is about giving children an opportunity to make a large scale public art work to be a focal point for a dialogue about their environment, present and future.”

The sculpture will appear on the rooftop throughout the summer and is visible to commuters using London’s Thameslink trains which pass behind the restaurant.

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