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Fish Friers

npower Business senior manager learns how to fry fish and chips at the National Federation of Fish Friers

Article Date: 2016-04-04

A senior manager from one of UK’s largest energy suppliers to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), recently spent a day at the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), learning how to fry fish and chips.

Philip Scholes, who is Head of npower Business, took part in one of the NFFF’s internationally renowned expert fish and chip frying skills workshops at its Leeds HQ. Led by Training & Accreditation Manager Richard Wardell, Philip also learnt about the industry from NFFF Director, Andrew Cook.

The visit marked the start of npower Business becoming an associate member of the NFFF, and of the energy supplier offering its members the chance to claim £200 off their bills if they switch to the energy supplier.

Philip Scholes, Head of npower Business, said: "The fish and chip shop industry is a multi-million pound industry.

"Energy represents just one part of a fish and chip shop’s expenditure, coming somewhere after staff, food and rent, but it’s a significant cost that is increasing and at a faster rate than any others.

"It makes sense for fish and chip shops to purchase energy efficient equipment. Although this often involves a larger outlay initially, it can be money well spent in the long-term. What this ultimately means is that fryers can put more cash into the business rather than paying out on energy bills.”

Andrew Crook, a director with the NFFF commented: "Fish and chip shop owners are increasingly having more and more costs imposed upon them. Our members are therefore continually having to looking at more and more products and services to help them manage their energy consumption. Examples of cost saving measures our members are making, include exchanging florescent tubes for LEDs, and turning down fryers during off peak times.”

To see the film of Philip’s visit to the NFFF and to hear Andrew of the NFFF talk about the industry, click here.

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Fish Friers