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North Sea Haddock - NFFF/MSC Statement

Article Date: 2017-03-17

The Scottish North Sea haddock fishery is still MSC certified due to the strong management they have in place to deal with changing stocks. The Scottish haddock fishermen have already worked with the government to set lower quotas in response to the latest scientific advice. In fact they’ve set their catches even lower than the recommendations. It’s a bold move to protect the haddock stock for the long term. This is a great example of a responsible reactive management responding to fluctuations in stock status and that’s exactly what MSC certification is about: long-term sustainability. You can still choose MSC certified Scottish haddock for your Friday night fish and chips with a clean conscience.


"I’ll be choosing MSC labelled Scottish haddock tonight for my fish and chip supper knowing that it’s been caught by responsible fishermen with sustainable management that’s been checked and monitored by the world’s most rigorous scientific test of sustainability.” James Simpson, MSC.


The NFFF is liaising with its members, MSC and Scottish Fishermen to get facts about fish stocks in the North Sea. Watch out for us on the news.

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