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North Sea Cod, A Skippers View

Article Date: 2015-09-25

Following the recent news of the North Sea Cod being taken off the Marine Conservation Society^s list of fish to avoid eating the Natitonal Federation of Fish Friers have spoken to Peter Bruce, skipper of the Budding Rose.


Peter Bruce commented, "It^s great news for the whole fishing industry and all those that love eating fish and chips that at long last organisations like the MCS are recognising that the recovery of the cod stock in the North Sea is well under way. For a few years now fishermen have been seeing good signs of cod increasing in the grounds and finally scientists and environmentalists are agreeing with what the fishermen have being saying.

This recovery has came about not without alot of sacrifice from the fishermen and our fishing communities. Our fishing fleet is a shadow of what it once was but on the positive side the outlook is good for fish stocks as the effort of the fishing grounds has dramatically reduced. l would like to encourage more fish and chip shops to try to source more fish from the UK fleet……it^s not only top quality fish but good for employment in our coastal communities.”


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