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New Year, New Healthy Award Win for Elite

Article Date: 2019-01-17

The Elite Fish & Chip Company is kicking off 2019 with more celebratory news after its Sleaford restaurant has become one of only two in Lincolnshire to be presented with the Healthier Options award.

The award is part of a wider scheme launched this week by Lincolnshire County Council, Public Health England and district councils.

It aims to help small and medium-sized food outlets and businesses across Lincolnshire to make healthier changes to their food menu and preparation.

The Elite Fish & Chip Company is one of the food establishments that has been recognised as part of this initiative for helping customers to make healthier choices.

Councillor Mrs Sue Woolley, Chair of the Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board, said: "Many of us eat a number of meals outside of the home, either at work or in cafes or restaurants, which can often be higher in calories, sugar, fat and salt.

"So, to give people more choice, Healthier Options will work with local food outlets to include healthier ingredients, cooking techniques and dishes.

"It’s a great way of providing healthier eating opportunities across the county. The aim is not to force people to eat healthier options, but to make them easier to find for those who want them when eating out.

"We are working with takeaways, restaurants, sandwich and coffee shops, mobile traders, leisure centres, canteens and more!"

Rachel Tweedale, Co-Director at The Elite Fish & Chip Company, manages the Sleaford restaurant and takeaway.

She said: "We’re delighted to be named as one of only two restaurants in Lincolnshire to gain the status of a healthy food place.

"We’ve always been keen to try new and alternative things at the Elite and are constantly adapting our menu to reflect seasonal trends and produce, so it’s fantastic to be recognised for our efforts in striving to be more than a traditional fish and chip food establishment.

"Eating habits are changing all the time and we’ve seen that people are opting for alternatives such as smaller portions, fish without batter, salads and even a jacket potato instead of chips. We offer all those options and, rather than limiting our menu, aim to cater for everyone.

"Our light bite, grilled and poached fish options are testament to our consideration for all customers and we’re pleased to be able to give them a choice when dining out.

"Even those who are on the January health kick can rest assured that they’ll have a range of options to choose from when they dine with us!”

The Healthier Options initiative is free to join and is open to takeaways and food outlets with a food hygiene rating of three or above. For more information, visit:

This award has been given to The Elite Fish & Chip Company following a recent spate of success for the chain, which has just been featured in The Book of Amazing People.

In honour of its 30thanniversary, The Elite Fish & Chip Company has committed to a year-long £30,000 fundraising campaign to be divided equally between The RAF Association, the RNLIand Sleaford Dementia Support. The family-run business will be raising money for the three charities until March 2019.

To find out more about The Elite Fish & Chip Company’s fundraising efforts, follow its FacebookTwitterand Instagram feeds or visit:

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