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National Fish and Chip Day 2017 – WOW from Friars Pride

Article Date: 2017-06-07

On Friday 2nd June, Fish & Chip Shops the length and breadth of Britain basked in the glory of National Fish and Chip Day with huge celebrations throughout the day. 

Official sponsors Friars Pride wouldlike to thank everyone, customers and consumerswho took part and got on board with whatwas a fantastic day!

Louise Marshall, Marketing Director of Friars Pride said, "To be a main sponsor of National Fish & Chip Day 2017, an eventthat is so key to our national dish of Fish & Chips, has been one of the most positive experiences for Friars Pride. We must not forget that Fish &Chips is prepared from completely fresh ingredients daily. It has a special place in the heartof our Nation. NEODA’s work to increase awareness, consumption and to promote the continued love of Fish & Chipsis vital to our family industry, that I feel quite frankly misses out on lots of positive media opportunities due to the fact that families up and the country work tirelessly to produce our greatest dish, without a massive media arm to promote their hard work. National Fish & Chip Day is a win for family businesses, a win for Fish & Chips, an event that must be capitalised on for years to come” 

On the day, there were events and promotions laid on across the country, with NEODA hosting the official National Fish & Chip Day event at Trinity House in London.

Kingfisher joined them with their ‘On the Go’ Fish & Chip van to deliver top quality Fish & Chips to the adoring masses and helping to spread the word of National Fish & Chip Day.

The vast queues showed just how eager the public were to get a taste of the country’s best Fish & Chips!

Albert from Fishermen’s Mission also joined the party to help raise awareness for the Fishermen’s Mission Charity, who help fishermenand their families through times of hardship.

Craig and Nikki of Kingfisher were joined by official sponsor, Friars Pride Representative, Kevin Flack, who joined in with Kingfisher serving free Fish & Chips to hungry Londoners as well as tourists who wanted to join in on the Great British tradition.

"The response from the general public was fantastic! Everyone was so busy all day and the queue for the Fish & Chips was testament to how the parties involved had helped raise awareness of the event” stated Kevin, who went on to say "This event definitely gave good exposure to the workers of the Fish & Chip industry as well as the suppliers. It really was enjoyed by all different kinds of people, office workers, manual labourers, transport workers, tourists and the young and old alike!”

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