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Mushy Peas Gets It’s Day

Article Date: 2017-10-19

Welcome International Mushy Pea Day which will be taking place on Friday 10th November 2017!

The brain child of NFFF member and NFFF Quality Award holder Peter Fraser of Harbour Lights in Falmouth. The day is an opportunity to turn the spotlight locally,nationally and internationally on the public’s favourite side dish, to encourage customers new and old to try the traditional side dish.

International Mushy Pea Day will give fish and chip shops a platform to speak with our restaurant and takeaway guests about how moreish they are as well as shouting about how good they are for you. Mushy peas are packed full of protein with essential nutrients including iron, zinc, potassium and fibre. Rich in vitamins and low in calories they are almost a super food!

How do we get pea focused?

The website www.mushypeaday.comwill act as a portal for ideas and activities for Mushy Pea Day. It will also allow all participating shops and customers to share pictures and images on what’s happening around the country and the rest of the world. The scope for video demonstrating the perfect pea preparation, celebrity endorsements, recipes, fancy dress, competition etc is endless. The wackier the ideas the better like a mushy pea song currently in production from a talented young fryer at the Harbour Light shop in Falmouth. Shops are being encouraged to produce anything that captures the imagination of our industry, giving our customers loads of silly fun has mileage.

International Mushy Pea Day will provide a chance for the trade, individual shops and fish and chip lovers around the globe to celebrate together. To get involved visit hello@mushypeaday.comwith the name of your shop and your ideas.

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