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MSC going for gold at Commonwealth Games

Article Date: 2014-01-03

The MSC has welcomed the Commonwealth Games Food Charter, the document that will guide and govern procurement of all food for the 2014 Games in Glasgow.

The MSC’s Claire Pescod said: “The Commonwealth Games are going to have a huge impact in Scotland, both as an event and through ethical procurement. This charter is a ringing endorsement of the hard work and dedication of MSC-certified Scottish fishermen in promoting sustainable fishing practices. Scotland has more MSC-certified fisheries than nearly any other European country and supplying the Commonwealth Games will help to recognise their world-leading sustainable fishing practices.

“By prioritising and serving MSC-certified sustainable, Scottish seafood, the Games organisers are helping support a strong future for the fishing industry in Scotland. This is particularly good news for the MSC-certified Scottish haddock, saithe herring, mussels, scallop and crab fisheries. This decision will be a real boost to certified sustainable Scottish fishermen and those supplying their produce. We’re looking forward to working with suppliers and industry to showcase Scottish MSC- certified produce and to seeing the MSC label on sustainable Scottish seafood at the Games.”

Fish Friers